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Caterpillar 3176C

DK Engine Parts provides OEM equivalent quality parts for most Caterpillar engine applications without charging the dealer prices.  We have worked with reliable vendors to ensure your needs are met with quality engine parts and knowledgeable sales associates.


Please Look Below and Click on Your Piston Number to Find the Kit You Need! If you do not see your piston number or need assistance please contact us at 1-855-474-9400
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Caterpillar 3176C Overhaul Kit with Valve Train - KMP133-7098.EOK        This k..
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Caterpillar 3176C Overhaul Kit with Valve Train - KMP4P5852.EOK-C        This k..
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Caterpillar 3176C Out-of-Frame Kit - KMP133-7098.OFK        This kit contains t..
Caterpillar 3176C Out-of-Frame Kit - KMP4P5852.OFK-C        This kit contains t..
Caterpillar 3176C In-Frame Kit - KMP133-7098.IFK        This kit contains the n..
Caterpillar 3176C In-Frame Kit - KMP4P5852.IFK-C        This kit contains the n..