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Ford Powerstroke 6.4L

Ford Powerstroke 6.4L


6.4L Power Stroke diesel V-8

Years Produced:

2008 to 2010 model years


6.4 liters, 390 cubic inches

Block/Head Material:

Cast iron block, cast iron cylinder heads, M16 head bolts, 4 bolts per cylinder

Compression Ratio:

17.5 : 1

Firing Order:



3.87 inches (98.2 mm)


4.134 inches (105 mm)


Turbocharged, twin sequential turbochargers, intercooled


Direct injection, high pressure common rail, Bosch CP4 injection pump


OHV pushrod valvetrain, 4 valves per cylinder (32 valve), conventional single cam in block

Oil Capacity:

15 quarts w/ filter

Engine Weight:

Approx. 1,130 lbs w/ oil

Emissions Equipment:

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), and diesel particulate filter (DPF) with active regeneration system

Fuel Requirement:

ULSD (ultra low sulfur diesel) only

Gov. Engine Speed:

~ 3,700 rpm

Peak Horsepower:

350 hp @ 3,000 RPM

Peak Torque:

650 lb-ft @ 2,000 RPM

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