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Caterpillar 3412 Overhaul Kit with Valve Train – KMP7N3511.EOK-12

       This kit contains the necessary items needed for a complete rebuild of the engine to include valve train parts.  Below are the key components that are included in the kit.  If you would like a complete list of items in the kit please contact us at 1-855-474-9400 or and please be sure to have the engine serial number ready to give to the sales person:

  • Liner Kit With 7N3511 Piston: KM3409 x 12
  • Main Bearing STD: 217-0390 x 7
  • Thrust Bearing STD: 7E9262 x 2
  • Connecting Rod Bearing STD: 9Y9497 x 12
  • Connecting Rod Bushing: 8N0706 x 12
  • Camshaft Bushing: 4N6658 x 2
  • Camshaft Bushing: 4N0685 x 5
  • Valve, Intake: 115-2368 x 24
  • Valve, Exhaust: 115-2367 x 24
  • Valve Guide: 173-7188 x 48
  • Valve Lock: 2A4429 x 96
  • Valve Spring, Inner & Outer: 4N5906 x 48
  • Valve Insert, Intake: 4N5893 x 24
  • Valve Insert, Exhaust: 1W5283 x 24
  • Gasket Kit Upper: KMP-3412-K1 x 1
  • Gasket Kit Lower: KMP-3412-K2 x 1

Caterpillar Engine Serial Number Reference

     This guide will help the sales person find the exact parts needed for the customer’s engine.  Note that this guide may not apply to every engine serial number.  The engine serial number will contain a three digit prefix followed by the “serial number”.  Both the prefix and the serial number are required.  The prefix will take two different forms, one with a letter(s) and one with only numbers. This number is used to find the engine model and application in which the engine supports.  Along with the engine model, the sales representative will be looking for this type of information and the Arrangement number if available.

Prefix containing atleast one letter:

02Z     15B    2ZC   5KD

Prefix containing only numbers:

304     311    334

     DK Engine Parts offers a variety of engine parts and kits for most Caterpillar applications and engine models.  Please take a look at what we offer on our website and feel free to call us anytime with questions regarding items listed on our website.  Also note that we offer more parts then what is currently listed on our website.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to call us.  We have knowledgeable salesmen on standby to assist you with any questions you might have.


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Additional information

Weight 503.9 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in
Bore Size

Main Bearing Size


Rod Bearing Size

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